Institutional ORCID

What is ORCID?

ORCID, which stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, is a global, not-for-profit organization that provides a free unique, persistent identifier (similar to an ID number) for researchers. ORCID's unique identifier reduces the risks of errors in identification of researchers with common names, such as' Cohen 'or Smith. In addition ORCID'S ID identifies different versions of researchers’ names that appear in publications published in several academic institutions.


Why is it important to create an ORCID identifier?

  • The ORCID identifier has become an international standard in the academic world for the reliable identification of researchers. The identifier appears in the identity files in catalogs, such as LC and NNL, and in online databases such as Scopus, Web of Science and PubMED
  • Many publishers of peer-reviewed journals require researchers to attach ORCID’S identifier upon submitting their publications.
  • Important and prestigious research funds condition the processing of an application for a grant or scholarship on the existence of an ORCID identifier.
  • Using ORCID’S identifier, exposes the research and increases opportunities for collaborations between colleagues in Israel and abroad.

For more information, watch the video on the ORCID project




Institutional ORCID

Institutional ORCID is an enterprise that associates researchers' personal ORCID accounts with the academic institution to which they belong.

דף הבית של ORCID


In recent years, the university's administration has taken a variety of initiatives aimed at increasing the visibility of the research of members of the academic staff. Among other things, Bar-Ilan University acquired an institutional ORCID license, together with seven other universities in the country, in collaboration with the IUCC (Israel Inter‑University Computation Center) and with the support of The Higher Education System Budget.


What are the benefits of associating the personal ORCID account with the institution (ORCID) of the institutional ORCID?


  • The ORCID identifier will make it easier for the Israeli universities that are members of the association to rate the research outputs of each university individually in addition to rating all the all the universities research outputs together.
  • The affiliation of the academic staff at Bar Ilan University with the institutional ORCID will make it possible to synchronize data between the personal profile of each researcher at the institutional ORCID and his personal profile in the CRIS system (that will soon replace the CoolCite system).
  • By using the institutional ORCID identifier, it will be possible to identify each researcher’s publications, in addition to updating the researches’ new publications on their personal profile in CRIS, as well as on the online databases: WOS, SCOPUS, PubMed, IHP, and Rambi will be made using the institutional ORCID ID.
  • The affiliation with the institutional ORCID will also ensure an accurate connection between the researcher and research grants, scholarships and awards he/she has achieved.


The Rector's Office asks members of the academic staff at Bar Ilan University to associate the personal ORCID account with the institutional ORCID


You have two options for joining the institutional ORCID:

1.- If you already have a personal ORCID account, log in to the ORCID project, verify that the Primary Mail is defined as the Bar Ilan University email address, and that the green route (Everyone) is defined as well. Log in to the university's academic portal, and associate the existing personal ORCID account with the institutional ORCID of Bar Ilan University.

               For a detailed tutorial and demonstration see the presentation (In Hebrew)

2.- If you do not yet have a personal ORCID account, log in to the university's academic portal, open a personal account in the ORCID project, and then associate it to the institutional ORCID of Bar Ilan University.

         (In Hebrew) For a detailed tutorial and demonstration see the presentation


For further questions and assistance in assigning the ORCID identifier to the Institutional ORCID Association, email the information specialist in charge in your department.


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