As of today our new search systems are up and running !

As of 17 of December we have two new search systems.

  1. Catalog search: Instead of using the conventional Aleph search system, searching the catalog is now done using the new PRIMO system -  a quick and easy way to access all the library's resources.

The Primo system provides an easy and friendly way to use "one-search" to find printed and electronic books, journals and other materials

        Primo Catalog.

       2. In addition, we have a new search engine - EDS,  where you can search for online books,                   databases, journals and publishers

       EDS search engine


Where can the new search systems be found?

On the home page website of the libraries and information system you will find a search box, that provides access to the new catalog and the EDS system

The library staff will be happy to answer any questions you have.

You can also contact the Reference department for help.

Tel:  03-5317955