The CRIS System

Use of the CoolCite system was ceased in June 2019, due to the preparations for the transition to the new CRIS system that measures the research output and academic activity of the academic staff at Bar Ilan University.

CRIS = Current Research Information System.

PURE - Elsevier's new CRIS system will be opened to members of the academic staff in the coming year. This is an advanced system, utilizing automatic and flexible tools for updating information on the academic activity of the faculty members, as well as efficient and accurate options for collecting information on the researcher's research output from various sources.

The information to be embedded in the profiles of the members of the academic staff on the new CRIS system will be used by the members of the academic staff and the university management to: measure the output of the researchers, measure the academic activity of the departments, make decisions about promotions, approve scholarships and grants and provide updated researchers’ CVs. In addition, the information found in the system will help the University in its joint work with bodies and organizations outside of Bar-Ilan, such as The Council of Higher Education (CHE) and the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC).

Note that most of the information available today in the personal profiles of the members of the academic staff in the CoolCite system will be transferred to the new CRIS system.

If you need to submit applications for promotions, scholarships and awards, etc. during the period when the CoolCite system is unavailable, use the personal resources that are available, such as bibliographic lists and personal resumes.

* For inquiries and questions, please contact us:

Dr. Israel Belfer, Coordinator of Information Outputs and Ratings and CRIS Projector at the Rector's Office

Dr. Chaya Beinosovitz, Responsible for the CRIS subject in the Libraries and Information System