Corona Time! Everything you need to know about Library Services During Corona

Operation of the Libraries and Information System During Corona


The Libraries are Reopening !

During this period the libraries are open for students mainly as learning spaces, in accordance with the Purple Badge standards.



Please note the following guidelines:

 Regulations for entering and using the libraries:


  • You must disinfect your hands before entering and wear a mask in the library at all times.
  • Sitting is permitted only in the places specifically marked for seating. Librarians will direct you to available seating. Seating is individual and sitting in groups is not allowed.
  • Please keep the 2-meter distance from each other and the reference desks.
  • Eating anywhere in the library is strictly forbidden. 
  • At this stage, libraries serve mainly as learning spaces for students studying via zoom. We recommend bringing personal laptops and headphones.

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Remote Library Services

1.. Returning Books: Borrowed books will continue to have automatic extensions until the end of the Corona crisis. Although, requested books are not automatically extended, the system may automatically send repeated warnings.

We are aware of the difficulty of coming to the university these days and therefore, when we all return to the regular routine, you will not be charged retroactively. However, please keep in mind that returning requested books can help other students and faculty members waiting for them.

For the list of libraries and contact information

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2.Book Lending / Scanning Article-Chapters: There is no need to make an appointment in order to borrow books. We offer to scan articles or book chapters for courses, in agreement with copyright laws and fair use rules. Please note that requests are answered in order of arrival and may take several days to scan and send back to you.

Prior to requesting scans, please make sure and check in the catalog that the materials are not available in electronic format. To order scans, please refer to the appropriate library. Details and contact information of the libraries can be found in the following link :

In cases where the materials cannot be scanned, you will be contacted about the possibility of loaning the required books. We will also provide you with detailed explanations how to enter the campus grounds and receive the books.

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3. Inter Library Loan: Articles and books that do not exist in Bar Ilan can be ordered through inter-library loan services. We make an effort to locate the materials in other academic libraries in Israel and abroad and order them for you. The service is provided free of charge. Please note that only materials that do not exist in Bar Ilan can be ordered so please check the catalogue before ordering. To order the materials please fill out our online form.

4. Submission of M.A. theses and Ph.D. theses in the Central Library

Please send dissertations in a PDF file to Tamar Vakil
M.A. students need to submit a conformation form from their department. 
Ph.D. students need to submit a dissertation submission form as well. 

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5.. Training: All our databases and catalogs are accessible remotely. Comprehensive information with all the details about remote access can be found on our website. We also offer the option of personal and group tutorials through Zoom. You can sign up for tutorials on searching the catalog or the various databases of the library.

To arrange a training, please contact any of our campus libraries.

We will be happy to answer any questions at tel:  03-531-7955.

Access to the online catalog

Access to articles eBooks and more

Access to the Electronic Databases


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Contact Details:

We are here to remotely assist you in various ways:

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In hope for a speedy return to our normal arrangement!

The Library and Information System staff

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