iCast AudioBooks app- Order Coupon

In addition to reference, textbooks, printed and electronic books, we also offer audiobooks in Hebrew, recorded by the authors themselves or by voices of actors and broadcasters. This is a new, up-to-date, friendly way to enrich your digital life. Coupons for the app are intended only for students, administrative employees and faculty members of Bar-Ilan University.

Sign up for this service in a few simple steps:

1. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

2. Wait for confirmation of your application and receive a coupon code for listening by email (up to two working days).

3. Install the iCast app on your phone for free.



4. Select a book and click Redeem Coupon.

5. Enter the coupon code and confirm.

6. Click download or listen.

7. Enjoy.


Guide to Using the App

Please note:

Each coupon is valid for 80 hours of listening or for 1 month (whichever ends first). Each user is entitled to only one code per month. The number of annual coupons is limited according to the total number of applicants.  

For further questions and inquiries, please contact us by email: lib.loan@biu.ac.il or by phone: 03-531-8167

For technical questions about the use of books, please contact iCast Technical Support:

Phone: 077-717-2751, e-mail: info@icast.co.il or via their website: https://www.icast.co.il/contactus

Last Updated Date : 01/02/2023