Request to Open a Library Card in Other University Libraries in Israel

This form is intended for faculty and graduate students at Bar-Ilan University who are interested in loaning books directly from other university libraries in Israel.

The permission form will give the requester an option of opening a library card in a other University's library for one academic year.

The request will be checked by the inter library department staff and will be sent via e-mail to the requester and the requested library. 

The requester must comply with the Requirements of the so requested library.

This permission does not give an option of access to digital collections of the requested libraries. 


Please pay attention- This form is not intended to request items from Inter-library loan. For this, please fill out the online form here

for further assistance please contact us at: or via phone: 03-5318496 

University Status
You may request more than one library. Please Write the name of the university and name of the libraries requested.

Last Updated Date : 23/01/2023