LibKey Nomad - Browser extension for downloading full text

LibKey Nomad - Browser extension for downloading full text

The Libraries and Information System offers new tools to help you find full-text articles easily and quickly!

You need to install in your browser The LibKey Nomad browser extension 

The Nomad LibKey browser extension is a free add-on that allows access to Bar Ilan’s subscribed full text articles – which can also be used outside of the Bar Ilan library system website.

Link to the browser extension page

How to install the browser extension:

Click on the link to the browser extension page. After downloading the LibKey add-on, at the prompt, for your institutional subscription: select Bar-Ilan University. Then type your access password to the Single Sign-On system.

To use the system, search for articles in the usual way. When the article is available on LibKey, the following icon will be displayed. Click on the icon to link to the article.

See the video below to learn about the Libkey Nomad browser extension:


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