Theses and Dissertations Deposition Process

The libraries at Bar-Ilan University serve as depository libraries for M.A. and Ph.D. Theses and works equivalent to M.A., submitted to the University. In accordance with the regulations of the School of Graduate Studies, the graduate students are obliged to deposit in the library copies of their works (in print and electronic format) for preservation purposes.

The Theses and Dissertations Deposition Department is responsible for receiving theses. Only when the deposition process as described below is completed, it will be possible to get certificate appropriate to one's track.

Important: the following process is only for final, post defense deposition of M.A./Ph.D. theses.

Equally important: Submitting a printed copy to the library is part of the deposition process. But the work should not be printed before the library approves it. The full explanation of the process can be found in the following instructions.