Borrowing Procedures

Books may be borrowed from any of the campus libraries, but the lending policies in each library may differ.

For additional information concerning circulation policies in specific campus libraries please contact the appropriate library.


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Automatic Renewal Service 

The Central Library

Accessing MA Theses from the Central Library

Permission for borrowing books from external libraries

Form for  receiving library services for new readers and readers with expired library cards

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The following borrowing procedures are valid for the Central Library only.


Automatic Renewal Service 

In most campus libraries books will be automatically renewed, although the renewal period in each library may differ.


Certain books may not be renewed:

-          Books that were ordered by another reader.

-          Reserved books in the Reserved Book Collection.

-          Books that have already been automatically renewed.


Automatic Renewals in the Central Library:

-          B.A. and Master students – up to 4 months.

-          Doctoral students and junior academic staff – up to 6 months.

-          Administrative staff – up to 4 months.

-          Senior academic staff - up to one year.


For more information (In Hebrew) please click here.



It is the borrower's responsibility to return or renew borrowed materials by the due date.

If a borrowed book is lost or damaged, the reader is obligated to notify the library staff from the owning library.

Library notices are sent by email to the borrower's address.

Readers are requested to update their email, place of residence, telephone. and  mobile phone number in the following places :

- Students' Administration website, personal information - update email here

- Students' Administration website - obtain letter of approval no. 21 here

-  In addition you can contact the Student Service and Information Center by fax or email. Please include copy of a picture ID.


The Central Library


Reserved Book Collection

Books from the Reserved Books Collection on the lists of required reading material for courses are available for short-term lending only, between 2 hours to 1 week.

There is no renewal option for overnight books.

For additional information please contact the Reserved Book department.

Tel 03-5318167

Hours: Sunday – Thursday from 8:00 – 18:00


Open Stacks

The Open Stacks collection is located on the -2nd floor.

Help in locating books is available from the Open Stacks staff.

Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 8:00 – 18:45


Library fines for overdue materials can be paid by credit cards, and by phone.

Automatic renewal service


Accessing MA Theses from the Central LIbrary


MA theses, published before 2010,  that are located in the Central Library, can not be loaned. 

To access a thesis,  fill out and submit a form to the Circulation Desk in the Central Library. The thesis will be brought  to  the Judaica Library for the reader's reference.

Prior to filling out a form, please check the catalog for the thesis' location

Forms (In Hebrew only) can be obtained at the Circulation Desk or downloaded here.

Forms submitted before 12:00 A.M will be dealt with on the same day.

Forms submitted after 12:00 A.M will be dealt with on the next day.


Permission for borrowing books from other university libraries


Master and Doctoral students and faculty are allowed to borrow books from other university libraries.

Permission to borrow is valid for one academic year and is given upon request.

Borrowers must comply with the lending library's policy.

Borrowers must submit a form to the interlibrary department in the central library.

Forms can be found in the interlibrary department or downloaded here.


Form for recieving library services for new readers and readers with expired library cards


Bar-Ilan readers who are not registered and are interested in receiving library services must fill out an application form.

Forms (In Hebrew) can be found at the Circulation Desk in the Central Library or downloaded here.


For additional information on borrowing procedures (In Hebrew) , click here

For additional information on ordering a book that is currently on loan (In Hebrew), click here.


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