Data and Approval Certificates/Forms Needed for Deposition of Ph.D. Thesis

In order to fill out the deposition form easily, read the following information and prepare all the approval certificates, forms and data as detailed below:

Application for the completion of the degree

You have to submit the Application for the completion of the degree via the personal information site (INBAR). We will begin processing your deposition, only when we will see that the Ph.D. Department of the School of Graduate Studies has granted its initial approval to this Application.

Library debts

You must settle all debts (if you have any) to the Bar-Ilan Libraries and Information Division: fines or borrowed books at one of the on-campus libraries and/or at other university libraries (borrowed through the Inter-library Loan Department or via a direct loan, if you were given permission to do so).

Library approval of the deposition can't be granted until these debts are fully settled.

Submission Form

You have to prepare the "Form for the submission of a dissertation after corrections" or the "Form for the final submission of the dissertation to libraries", completed and signed by Your supervisor/s. The signature/s confirm that the Ph.D. Thesis was written according to the necessary instructions. It is issued by the Ph.D. office.

Abstracts of you work

Please prepare separate word document with Hebrew and English Abstracts only, as they appear in your work (if your work is written in another third language, add an abstract in that language also). If for some reason you don't have all of the abstracts or one of them in your work, you must write them, get them approved by your supervisor and add them to your work, according to the Graduate School instructions. 

ORCID identifier number

Please prepare an ORCID identifier number:

Publication/ Delay of publication (Embargo) on Library Catalog

If you need your work to be under Embargo, you must obtain an approval (see below) before beginning the deposition process:

General background
The Bar-Ilan University Libraries and Information Division serves as a depository library for all the University theses and dissertations. The printed copy is transferred to the Departmental / Faculty library respectively. The electronic copy is accessible via the library catalog and is transferred to the National Library in accordance with the Deposit Law.
In the Electronic Deposition Form, in section "Accessibility permissions to Your Thesis", you must choose from one of the following accessibility options:

* One-year Embargo for both the printed and electronic formats,


** Agreement to allow access to the printed copy (with immediate option for loan/ loan after two years) and electronic copy (immediate), via the Libraries and Information Division catalog and agreement to allow the general public to access the electronic format of the work, within the National Library.

Embargo period

  • If, based on the research data, you intend to publish articles, a book, or to issue patents, you may need/want to restrict access to your work by Embargo. It is recommended that you consult with your supervisor(s) to make this decision.
  • If embargo is indeed required, it will be for one year only, and it is subjected to the approval and signature of the Head of your Faculty/ Department/ School/ Program. The approval form can be found here.
  • If you should want to extend the embargo beyond one year, you must apply in advance to the School of Graduate Studies and receive an approval from the Dean for an additional period. This approval of the embargo extension must be sent to


For all of the works, except those written within Faculty of Engineering, please prepare 3 keywords in English, which describe the main topics of your work. A keyword can also be a phrase.


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