Mendeley - Reference Management Software & Researcher Network

Mendeley is a free program for managing bibliography and sharing research. Using Mendeley, you can create a personal library, organize and manage PDF files and automatically retrieve metadata from articles and enter bibliographical references.  The software enables full text search in PDF files, and in annotations. It provides tagging from the different bibliographic fields – such as keywords, author, title, year, and more.

In addition, Mendeley functions as an academic social network of over two million researchers from Israel and around the world, and contains information on more than 240 million articles. The program supports collaboration between researchers and provides access to latest articles. Futhermore Mendeley locates the most read journals, evaluates articles and provides citations, discovering trends and statistics.

The Mendeley website

Mendeley PowerPoint presentation (In Hebrew)

Mendeley Guide 

The reference department invites the lecturers, students and researchers to come and learn about the Mendeley software.

Any student or faculty member who is interested in the training, should send their personal details to A registration form will be sent.

The training sessions will take place between Sunday and Thursday , from 9:00-16:00 at the reference desk in the Central Library, by appointment only.

In addition, the department librarians will also be giving training sessions. Please referer  the students to them. 

Mytal Najati - Central Library

Naomi Abraham - Central 

Kravett Tamar - Central LIbrary

Yehudit Shkolinsky - Central

Yael Teshartok - Social Sciences

Yodaft Taase - Social Sciences

Orly Weidhorn - Social Sciences

Miri Rubenstein - Education

Dr. Chaya Beinsovitz - Psychology

Shlomit Nishri - Medicine     

Ganit Yosef - Law