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About the Department

BIU Libraries serve as depositories for all theses and dissertations that are submitted to Bar-Ilan University. According to the regulations of the School of Graduate Studies, graduate students are obligated to deposit printed and electronic copies of their works for preservation in the library.

The ​​​​​​Theses and Dissertation Depository Department is responsible for receiving these copies. Until the deposition process is completed, the degree cannot be finalized.


Tamar Vakil

Zehava Arbel

Olga Gilshtein

Reception  Hours - by Phone and Mail only

Sunday - Thursday 9:00-15:00


Judaica Library - Building 401, Center for LIbrary Services - Entrance Floor

Contact Information

Tel: 03-5317803 ; 03-5318167

email:  thesesbiu@gmail.com

The Deposition Process of  Theses and Dissertations

Send a PDF file of your work with the accompanying documents detailed below to the email address: thesesbiu@gmail.com

Before submitting the file and the documents, read the instructions and clarifications listed below carefully, including references to additional instruction pages, and proceed accordingly to optimize the process and avoid unnecessary delays.

Stages of the Deposition Process:

  1. The Theses and Dissertation Depository Department staff will check that your PDF file is formatted according to the instructions of the School of Graduate Studies. The presentations and other explanatory material are designed especially for you. Please go over them before sending us the file. 

  2. Please prepare the needed data and documents.

  3. Please note: The Theses and Dissertation Depository Department staff also checks if the student has fines or borrowed books at one of the campus libraries and/or other university libraries (borrowed through the inter-library loan department or direct loan, if he/she was given permission to do so).

During routine periods, You must settle all debts with the Libraries and Information System before the deposit process begins. No approval will be granted by the libraries until these depts are fully settled.

During non-routine periods, below, in the "data and documents required" section, you must commit to settle your debts. Based on this obligation, we will not delay granting the certificate of eligibility. However, if you do not meet this obligation, the receipt of the official certificate will be delayed. 

  1. The processing time for your application is about 5 working days. A copy of your work must be deposited at least 10 working days before the deposition deadline to allow you time to correct your work and/or complete forms.  

  1. At the end of the process, you will receive a deposit confirmation. Upon receiving the confirmation, you must transfer a printed copy of the work to the library within a week, according to the guidelines.

  1. M.A. Depositors: In order to complete the process with the Registrar Office, an application must be submitted for the completion of a degree via the personal information site (INBAR). Students who have not completed their degree requirements need to submit the application after fulfilling these requirements and send notification to the following email.  thesesbiu@gmail.com.

Instructions and Presentations – How to prepare the PDF File of the Theses and Dissertations

A major part of the deposition is of course preparing the file of the thesis or dissertation.

Please review all of the following instructions before depositing the file:

  1. Presentations and a short video of instructions, clarifications, and demonstrations regarding the correct formatting of the electronic copy of the work written in the English language
  1. Special guidelines in addition to the guidelines detailed in the presentations in Hebrew / English, regarding work written in another language (Arabic, Russian, etc.).
  • Presentation for M.A. or work equivalent to M.A. [coming soon]
  • Presentation for Ph.D. [coming soon]
  1. Examples of Ph.D.s  written in PDF and LaTeX formats which are applicable to M.A. theses as well.
  1. Article-based theses or Dissertations in which the articles are presented as appendices, should be prepared according the guidelines described and demonstrated in section one of the presentations. In addition, the list of articles should be formatted according to the standards presented in the article work guidelines file.
  1. General guidelines and additional special guidelines
  1. A work that includes a special attachment file in Excel format (non-printable), audio, video or any other format (non-printable), must be submitted, along with the PDF file and required forms.

Data and Documents Required to Complete the Thesis and Dissertation Deposition Process:

1. Accessibility Form

The Bar-Ilan University Library and Information System serves as a depository library for all the University theses and dissertations. The printed copy is transferred to the departmental / faculty library respectively. The electronic copy is accessible via the library catalog, and is transferred to the National Library in accordance with the Deposit Law.

In the Accessibility Form  (in Hebrew),  you must choose from one of the following accessibility options:

** One year Embargo for both the printed and electronic formats.

** Agreement to allow access to the printed and electronic copy of the work, via the Library and Information System catalog and agreement to allow the general public to access the electronic format of the work, within the National Library.


1.1 Embargo

Under certain conditions you may consider putting your work in Embargo. For instance, if the work includes articles that are about to be published; if the work is patent pending, or if you are interested in publishing a book based on your research (thesis or doctorate). We recommend consulting your supervisor to make a decision. 

If embargo is indeed required, it will be for one year only, and it is subjected to the approval of the head of your faculty /department /school / program. Contact the secretariat of the department / faculty to obtain the approval - the form was sent to each secretariat on behalf of the library.


The approval form must be sent together with your PDF file of your work and all the other required documents in accordance with sections 2 or 3 below.


If you should want to extend the embargo beyond one year, you must apply in advance to the School of Advanced Studies and receive an approval from the Dean for an additional period. This approval of the embargo extension must be sent to thesesbiu@gmail.com.


1.2 Orcid

You need to generate the ORCID number and copy it to the appropriate place on the Accessibility Form.

2. For submission of M.A. or work equivalent to M.A. you need to prepare:

2.1 An approval of the faculty / department / unit / school to deposit the copy in the library. The approval, issued by the department / faculty secretariat, confirms that this is a final copy of the work.

2.2 You need to sign a commitment form (in Hebrew) to deposit a printed copy and settle any unsettled library debts.


3. For submission of Ph.D. you need to prepare:

3.1 The form for the submission of a dissertation after corrections or the form for the final submission of the dissertation to libraries, completed and signed by the supervisor.

3.2 You need to sign a commitment form (in Hebrew) to deposit a printed copy of your work and settle any unsettled library debts.

Instructions for Submitting the Printed Copy of your Work

You need to print one copy of the final thesis/dissertation only after receiving approval from the Theses and Dissertation Depository Department, as specified in clause 5 in the section of the Stages of the deposition process.

  • Instructions for printing M.A. or work equivalent to M.A. [coming soon]
  • Instructions for printing Ph.D. [coming soon]