Literature of the Jewish People

List of useful links


    The Academy of the Hebrew Language
    American Rabbis' Books
    Bar-Ilan University. Department of Literature of the Jewish People
    Chabad - Lubavitch Library ספריית חב"ד
    Compact Memory - Internetarchiv judisher Periodika
    Genizah Research
    The Goldreich Family Institute fro Yiddish Language Literature and Culture
    Hebrew Authors
    Hebrew Literature
    Historical Hebrew Newspapers - עיתונות עברית היסטורית
    Index of Articles on Ladino Literature
    The Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature
    Judaic Digital Library 
    Ketubbot collection
    Ladino at Bar-Ilan
    The Library Of the Jewish Theological Seminary - Digital Collection
    My Hebrew Dictionary
    National Yiddish Book Center
    Shireshet (Hebrew)
    Sifrey Ha'Kodesh (Hebrew)
    Yiddish and Hebrew Texts