General Information

General Information about Research Support

This category is intended to update the members of the academic staff at Bar Ilan University about innovations in the fields of information and technology, as well as about developments concerning the integration of research and online systems available to you. In addition, the information in the various subcategories is intended to guide you on how to use information systems that assist your progress in research and academic rankings, as well as documenting your academic activity as required.

In the CRIS system subcategory, detailed information will be made available on the comprehensive database of the PURE system, which documents the research output and academic activity of all members of the academic staff at Bar Ilan University. On this page, you will find links to the system for updating your personal profile, a link to the system's portal, a system for contacting any question or request for help, training booklets, as well as explanatory videos about the system, and training videos on how to update your personal profile with it, or how to generate an updated CV.

In the subcategory BibTex files, you will find an explanation of the nature of these files, as well as presentations describing in detail how to export bibliographic citations of research articles in BibTex files from Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science, Mendeley and the IHP - Haifa Index for Articles in Hebrew.

In the ORCID subcategory, you will find information about the ORCID project, which allows any researcher in the world to create a single-valued identification mark, which is gradually becoming an international standard in identity databases, online databases, among publishers of scholarly journals and among bodies and foundations that support research through grants and awards. Under ORCID you will also find a direct link to the project, as well as a video explaining how to create the personal identification mark.

In the sub-category Open Access, you will find a comprehensive overview of the publication options of academic research in the 'Open Access' format and the publication routes in this format.

In the subcategory Journals that are a component of the budgeting model of Vatat (the Committee for Planning and Budgeting), you will find links to the online databases where you can find lists of Peer-Reviewed Journals, in English and Hebrew, that Vatat considers to be a component of the new budgeting model.